A midsize firm located in Austin, Texas, The Davies Collaborative brings people together to build great places. Led by our team of seasoned, forward-thinking architects and planners, we engage and collaborate with our clients to develop thoughtful, creative and sustainable environments where people can live and work with inspired purpose.

Collectively, our experience encompasses numerous high-profile, award-winning projects. Our footprint touches more than 1,000,000 square feet of office space, over 50,000 multifamily-dwelling units, multi-use recreational and fitness facilities, medical offices, and luxury single-family residences.

Designed for thought-provoking placemaking.

At our planning table, all stakeholders and interested parties share and shape how to effectively create a project within its space and efficiently within its budget. It’s this fluid, organic, ground-up process from which our team comes to deeply understand how people will engage with your space and how the space will engage with the environment. Throughout, we continue to refine perspectives and plans until the project is sharpened to its finest foundation. Together, it’s the smarter, better way to build.

Dedicated to sustainability.

As stewards of our craft and of our communities, we create distinctive, sustainable architecture that fosters community, enables multimodal transportation options, reduces waste and maximizes energy efficiency. Not only are several of us LEED APs, signifying proven leadership and expertise in green building, but we also possess key LEED specialty knowledge in neighborhood development and building design and construction, among other areas.